Unique Juniper & Exotic Woodworking

Robert Van Dell has been creating unique hand-crafted wood artwork in Central Oregon since 1994. The natural shapes and textures of Juniper wood are the perfect medium for his organic style of craftsmanship. Each piece he creates is a one-of-a-kind work of art. We’ve created this website to showcase the artwork he has created for clients around the United States. If you’d like Robert to create something unique for you, please contact him directly at (541) 410-4147.

Juniper Sculpture Sign

Juniper Signs

Pine Door

Handmade Doors

Juniper Sculpture Box

Exotic Wood Box

Juniper & Exotic Wood Boxes

Juniper Sculpture Mantle


Juniper Sculpture Frame



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Native American Crafts

Robert is an avid living history re-enactor of the Plains Indian era. His authentic reproductions are created using only traditional materials, methods, and hand tools.

Native American Craft Hide
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